[WWI] Thanks and GWICC

geoff-smith geoff-smith at ntlworld.com
Tue Aug 31 04:05:02 EDT 2004

John Huggins wrote:

> > First off,
> > Thanks for the phone calls from those of you who called, and the e-mail
> > messages wishing me speedy recovery.  I have been hone for almost 48
> > hours now, can navigate around things quite well, only slowly.  I don't
> > have all of the mobility I used to have, but that will return with time
> > and healing.  I have not had any pain in my hip or leg since Monday
> > night, and have not walked with a limp sine I first got up on Wed.
> > Morning.  The only down side to all of this now is the damned 24/7 head
> > ache that is a result of the spinal fluid leak.  That too will pass.

Great news! Well, apart from the headache which I hope you'll be free from 
very, very soon. 

Very best wishes,


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