[WWI] Injection moulded vs. resin vs. whatever

Volker Haeusler haeusler at tm.net.my
Tue Aug 31 03:42:26 EDT 2004


> This requires other glues, and when Michael says "Super Glue" he refers
> to a brand name of cyanoacrylic adhesive.  Someone from eastern Europe
> can steer you to a brand sold locally.

as you use a ".de" address, you might also speak German? If so, "super glue"
is the same stuff called "Sekundenkleber" in Germany. While it *can* be used
for resin models, it has the obvious diusadvantage of reacting very fast,
making adjustments somewaht difficult. IMHO the two component epoxy glues
also mentioned in this thread are a somewhat superior (if potentially also
somewhat messy) solution to glue resin parts together.


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