[WWI] Fokker M.10 (?)

Volker Haeusler haeusler at tm.net.my
Tue Aug 31 03:30:08 EDT 2004


> Dennis, it's really a beauty. Is there a decent 3-view among the "lots of
> information" you are talking about? abmodels do not seem to exist anymore,
> least the website mentioned on the instructions doesn't.

I doubt that there is *any* "decent 3-view" of the M 9. The M 9 was only
build in prototype form, and as far as I know, no complete set of data or
drawing has survived. There are at least 5 photos of this bird, most of them
taken at the same time, with the aircraft in horizontal position and the
tailskids put on some kind of support. Too, one photo shows the aircraft
sans outer wings, attached to a car to tow it around (that´s something
Fokker obviously liked´- there´s photos of nearly every early Fokker being
transported in this way).

There also are some 3 views showing the M 9 (beside the Fokker Team one
there are at least some in Weyl´s "Fokker - The creatuive years" and in the
Green/Swanborough "Complete book of Fighters (also in the identical "Fighter
A-Z" series in Air International). However, all these drawings are
questionable at best, being obviously based on reconstructions from photos.
To give just one example, the drawing in the Weyl book shows 9 cylinder
rotaries, while the text (correctly, as can be seen from photos) describes
80 hp Oberursels - these were actually *7* cyl U-0 engines...

In general, I would say that some of Achim Engel´s drawings of the Fokker
prototypes should be taken with some caution - there are definitely some
problems with his drawings of the V 8, V 29 and V 36, to name just a few.

Oh yes, tehre´s also a 3 view coming with the (still available) Classic
Plane vacform of the M 9, and beside the AB models resin, there is also
another (obscure, though it might origin from Jan Hora/HR models, and be a
copy of the Classic Plane vac) resin of the M 9 - The Modellbaustudio
Rhein-Ruhr might also have that one.


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