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J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Mon Aug 30 23:08:26 EDT 2004

Hi Buz;
    Nice to hear from you. 
     Yeah, I live right in Mountain View, not far from the San Antonio
Hobby Shop. It's nice to have that resource close by, although they don't
keep WW I kits in stock after their first order. They do carry all of the
Windsock Datafiles and the magazines, however, so that is very nice.
     Also they used to stock heavily on the vacforms, though they seem to
be selling them off. I haven't seen anything new in a long time. I got
several Joystick, Warbirds and Wings 72 kits years ago, a couple still in
the collection. ( others replaced by new injection kits and passed on to
my son. He displays them in his dorm room, so they need periodic repairs
      They still have some Merlin WWI kits if you dig through the boxes.
I found a Pfalz Dr I a few weeks ago, and it was one of the better ones.
All of Merlin's wings are way too thick, and need a lot of sanding. I
ended up finishing the Pfalz in aluminum, despite the instructions,
because the photos I had seemed to indicate it didn't stay in  natural
      These days the kit costs $7-20,  references another $ 20, decals
and paints another $10-20. When I first started out, I would take $1 to
the hobby shop. The kits were 50 cents, and the paints 5 cents each. The
kit painting instructions were fine-nothing contradicted them.
     How long have you been at this, Buz ? what scale are you into?


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