[WWI] Flieger Bataillon / Great War Flying Museum Fly-In

Christopher Anderson canderson at buckeyeweb.com
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Thanks for the reply, and for checking the Imrie book. I haven't been to the
Aerodrome site for awhile, actually back to when they changed the forum
arrangement. My friend indicated that the seller of his 'kleinerock' thought
it originated in a training unit.

I would love to see the Strutter fly, but I probably won't make it as I will
be vacationing with my elderly parents and might not be able to get away for
the day - even though I'll only be a few hours away at Chautauqua Lake in
Western NY! Do you know if the museum's planes made it to the Geneseo show
back in July? (missed that, too!) I did make it to the Gathering of Eagles
show in closer to home in Ashtabula and saw the Canadian B-25 and the Fairey
Firefly and the Cleveland National Airshow will be Labor Day weekend,
nothing OT, though.

Anyone else have an idea about 'Flieger Bataillon Nr. 3'?



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Hi Chris

  I just had a look in the glossary of Alex Imrie's 'German Army Air Service
1914-1918' and there is no listing for "Flieger Bataillon".  There is a
"Luftschiffer Bataillon".  Of course this doesn't mean it didn't exist.  Did
you try posting this on the Aerodrome Forum?
  The Great War Flying Museum open house and fly-in will be held Sept. 12th
this year.  Their 1:1 scale Sopwith 11/2 Strutter, in Redpath's colours,
made it's first (radial powered) flight the end of June and should be flying
that weekend.  See www.greatwarflyingmuseum.com for pictures of it in flight
in the "what's new" column.  It should be quite the show with the SE5a, 2
Fok.Dr.1's, Nieuport 28, Fokker DVII and now the Strutter.  I believe they
are making good progress on the Bentley powered Camel.  I hope we'll see you
there along with anyone else on the list that's within driving distance of
Toronto.  Hey Dave #13!  What're you doing that weekend?


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