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J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Mon Aug 30 18:18:45 EDT 2004

 Hello WW I Modelers ;
      I've been getting list mail for a few days now, and feel like I
know you already.
      Building models of  "Great War" airplanes has been a hobby of mine
since putting together Revells and Airfixes as a kid in 1964. I lost all
the first ones, but started in again in the '80s so my kids could see
what WW I airplanes looked like. Naturally I caught the wave of new
information and kits and got hooked all over again.
       I live in the S.F. Bay area and build in the 'one true scale',
1/72. I have done some vacforms, resin kits and "customs" ( Nieuport 21,
Bleriot XI, SPAD XII-before Pegasus release- early SSW D.III, etc.)  I'm
up to about 100 models, about 70 completed.
       This is probably a good place to try a couple of requests.
    I want to build a Briggs raid Avro 504, since I like operational
types. I have some photos, but no reliable drawings of the early 504. I
am planning on using the Aifix/MPC/A-Model kit as the basis. The cowling
is complicated- can anyone help me on this ?
     Also, anyone know where to get a Pegasus Hanriot HD 1 ?
        This group is great. Thanks for all the info and fun !       J.R.
I like tinted "invisible" thread for rigging

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