[WWI] Re: Where Are They Now?

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Mon Aug 30 02:11:00 EDT 2004

ZulisWW1 at aol.com wrote:
>     And what of Moose Jaw?
> I've been to Moose Factory, a small town on James Bay.    Very 
> disappointed to discover it wasn't what the name suggests....

It's a wonder we don't have any listees from Moose Jaw - there is a 
Canadian Forces air base there, so it's a flying sort of town.  Been 
there - and Medicine Hat, yet another uniquely Canadian name.

BTW, Mike ('Nieuport') should be in Vancouver/Coquitlam this week and 
goodness knows where after that (new job, lots of 'road time').

Dave Fletcher

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