[WWI] Pfalz biplane resource

Alfred A Fickensher Jr x8444 at revealed.net
Sun Aug 29 22:00:46 EDT 2004

	Here's a senior moment recall (be careful because I've learned that old 
guys make up as many memories as they forget) of a possible, albeit rather 
off-the-wall, resource of some photos of a Pfalz D????. Probably very 
obscure but might be easily findable if one goes to the source.
	This was a photo feature in an early sixties edition of the monthly 
magazine published by the ANTIQUE AIRPLANE ASSOCIATION. They are located in 
Blakesburg, Iowa and they have a website. Just Google Antique Airplane 
Association. They have a library which includes archives of their own old 
	As I remember the magazine article it was about how some guy got this 
Pfalz basket case to his house packed on a trailer. There were a few pages 
of B/W photos of the fuselage and engine and other parts lying about his 
garage. I got the mag in 1965 and remember that it was the first time I had 
ever heard of Pfalz and thought it was kind of a clumsy-looking airplane. 
Geez, how I've matured since then. Not smart enuf to still have the mag tho.
	If this article is already common knowledge, no harm done.


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