[WWI] Caproni Monoplanes; Ca.1 -Ca.20

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Sun Aug 29 00:46:25 EDT 2004

Mario et al,

Volume 12, No.2 of Windsock International for March/April 1996 had a
good article by Gregory Alegi on the Caproni Ca.20 of late 1913/early
1914; putatively, the first purpose-designed fighter airplane.  This
five page article has many good, clear, photos, detail sketches and a
fine three-view in both 1/72 and 1/48.

Windsock International also had a review of the Spin 1/48 kit of this
machine in their Volume 19, Number 5 for September/October 2002.

Internet Modeler for October 2002 had a First Look review of the 1/48
Spin resin kit by Bob Pearson.

The actual, unrestored, airplane was given to the Seattle Museum of
Flight by the Caproni family in 2002.  It is now on permanent display,
still unrestored, in the new Personal Courage Wing of the MOF.

Cheers,   Jim Schubert
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