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My first message failed to show.  Sorry if this is a duplicate.

  I don't know if anyone has mentioned these before, but I saw them for the 
first time at my plastic pusher's shop.  They are called, The Flying Circus: 
Albatros Part III.  Eagle Strike acknowledges Ray Rimmell as their source of 
"invaluable contributions and unselfish advice."  Most of the schemes I haven't 
seen before anywhere, which is really nice.  Gives the builder a lot more 
choices to make something that is different.  There are seven aircraft;

1. D.III of Rudolf Hohberg - Fl.Abt(A)263, 1917 (Speculative camouflage and 
is admitted as such.)  
2. D.III (OEW) (sic), should be OAW) Heinrich Arntzen, Jasta 50, 1917
3. D.III (OEW) (sic) No pilot listed,  MFJ III, 1917.
4. D.III (OEW) (sic) Hermann Habich, Jasta 49, 1917
5. D.III (OEW) (sic) No pilot listed, MFJ III, 1917
6. D.III Josef Rohe, MFJ I, 1917
7. D.III (OEW) (sic) pilot and unit unknown (This scheme is the box art for 
the Eduard D.III (OAW) kit.

Looks like I'll have to get more of the (OAW) kits so that I can do most of 
these schemes!  Also, I am not familiar with the MFJ I and III units.  Anyone 
have any information on this?


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