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    Thanks for the input.  Is DAMNED GOOD SHOW a recent release by Robinson?
I am not familiar with that title.


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Hi Buzz, Will, Warren,

"Dammed Good Show" is Derek does Vickers W_____ns  and  Bomber Command
...very similar in style and tone to Piece of Cake and if I remember shares
Skull Skelton with P.O.C. too. Its okay but I wonder if he was aiming to
repeat the success by repeating the formula. Still its a good entertaining

OT Content: The 409 Sqn Adjutant, "Uncle" (who else) is an pilot from the
First World War....

I haven't read "A Good Clean Fight" yet - But I am sure it will have an
Adjutant named "Uncle"...

I have read the Hornet Sqn Trilogy and they are certainly enjoyable though
some WW1 History Purists (Note respectful use of capitals here) are scathing
about the accuracy of some elements of the books (Yawn)....Like I care...

All the Best


There is also one about the Old South that I've seen too...

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> Will,
>      Like you, I have not read "DAMNED GOOD SHOW" either.  Since it is by
> Derek Robinson, I say the title says it all:  "Damned good"!
> Buz
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> Tracy, Neil, Buz:
> Kudos to your literary preferences! :-) I greatly enjoyed all the D.
> Robinson books also, although I have not yet read "Damned Good Show":
> What is it about?
> Another good read is "A Good Clean Fight", which traces Hornet Squadron
> and some of it's surviving members to the next war, flying P-40's in the
> Western Desert and the birth of the SAS. Chronologically after "Piece of
> Cake". Good stuff.
> Will
> pezo8481 at bellsouth.net wrote:
> >
> > Tracy and Neil,
> >
> >      Absolutley!  Derek Robinson to me is always an enjoyable read.
> you read the 3rd installment of his WW1 trilogy?  It's called "HORNET'S
> STING".  Chronologically it is sandwiched between "WAR STORY" and "GOSHAWK
> SQUADRON".  I wish more of his stories would come to the 'Big Screen'.
> >
> > Buz
> > >
> > > Neil,
> > > Nice to see another fan of D. Robinson (I am assuming
> > > you are enjoying the book, aren't I??). I love his
> > > stuff, very witty and quick with great characters and
> > > action. For those who are inclined, Derek Robinson
> > > writes fiction that reads like non-fiction should! OT
> > > titles include "Goshawk Squadron" and "War Story" but
> > > most will know him from "Piece of Cake."
> > > cheers, tracy
> > >
> > > Neil Reading?? :)
> > > NR: "Dammed Good Show"  - D. Robinson

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