Part (was Re: [WWI] More Roden SE5a Shots on the Drome)

Ed Ingersoll ingersollle at
Sat Aug 28 07:31:02 EDT 2004

You can get Lone Star products from Great Models, I just ordered both sets
of 1/48 WWI seats from them. As of last week they had stock.
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> Matt Wrote:
> >I wonder what has happened to Part?  They haven't been very
> >prolific lately and seem to have fallen by the way-side.  Maybe
> >just a result of summer holiday?
> I also wonder? Have they issued anything for the Roden 1/48th Nieuport 28?
> That seat begs for something to be made. Lone Star Models not as easy to
> acquire!
> Rick G.
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