Razonjim razonjim at centurytel.net
Sat Aug 28 01:46:30 EDT 2004

Shane et al,

>US local and
>regional contests are open to non-members but the National Contest is
>only open for members of a national branch.

Yes, though that's members of any IPMS branch in *any* country isn't it?

(this is my reading of the IPMS USA Contest handbook, I hope I'm


I believe you are indeed correct.  IPMS is beginning to loose its
universality, which is a pity.  We all tend to look to the UK as the
mother branch but they seem to be getting a bit uptight about membership
and participation of SIGs in their Nats.  Maybe it's time to revisit the
"International" aspect of IPMS.  IMNSHO the looser the structure the
better it is for the members having fun.  And if we ain't having fun,
what's the point of IPMS?

Cheers,  Jim

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