[WWI] Can we talk?

Matt Bittner tbittners at sprintmail.com
Fri Aug 27 21:34:12 EDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:22:59 -0500, Lance Krieg wrote:

> But Matt, here we have two good hobby shops and Greg Van Wyngarden. 
> There's an OT French plane hanging in the historical museum.  I'm here,
> and there is a decent football team in Iowa City.  

One hobby shop has a problem ordering items in the One True Scale
(e.g. 1/72nd).  The other does occasionally get 1/72nd in, but
most times those are older, off topic kits from someone's older

Greg Van Wyngarden does *not* live in Des Moines.

I've never seen the OT plane in any musuem in IA.

The only people concerned with college football are those states
with no, real, pro teams.  Yes, Nebraska is another one of those
states, unfortunately.

> Best of all, you are two hours closer to Steve Hustad!

Depends on how you look at it...

Matt Bittner

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