[WWI] Injection moulded vs. resin vs. whatever

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Fri Aug 27 09:45:09 EDT 2004

Pjatk 27 awgusta 200416:51, MARK MILLER pisaše:
> Edi
> Injection molded = plastic
> resin kits are simpler to produce and typicaly are offered by
> smaller "cottage industry" vendors.
> and yes, you should care
> Resin is more difficult to deal with and requires more
> effort/skill on the part of the modeler.

Thanks Mark,

could you be a bit more explicit about the resin? I'm considering to buy 
several kits from Ilona Müllerová from Brno (Nieuport triplane, Osprey 
triplane, Wight Quadruplane). Till now, I only had kits of "big" firms like 
Revell, Airfix, Matchbox, Hasegawa.



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