[WWI] Fok. D.VII"s of Jasta 40s

MARK MILLER mark_.m at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 27 09:55:46 EDT 2004

Profiles for the Jasta 40 DVIIs is in Anthology V2 Pg 44
The line up shot on the bottom of page 49

profile #19 Ltn. A Auer - star of david on side of fuse
Looks to me to be a late production Albatros

Profile #18 Ltn. d. R. C. Degelow - stag on side of fuse.
early product Alabtros

These variants are nightmare
I just know I'm going to screw something up sooner or later
I suggest you get the anthologies - expensive as they may be.

--- Warren Dickinson <ibs4421 at onlineky.com> wrote:

> Listers,
>         I've got this really great set of decals that list
> member Volker
> Hausler produced for Jasta 40s.  He included a booklet with a
> really
> great write up on the pilots and their a/c, but I need your
> help to
> solve an a/c ID problem.  I am trying to decide whether to use
> the Roden
> kits, or the Mac offering.  Most of the Fokker D.VII's are
> identified in
> the booklet as early Albatros builds.  I think Mac produced an
> Albatros
> built D.VII, but I do not know if it is early or late, or if
> it makes
> all that much difference.
>    What I would like to do is recreate the "line up" shot
> Volker refers
> to in the booklet, but I do not have the Fokker anthologies,
> yet!  I
> have been told that the line up shot is in vol. 2.  So, would
> some kind
> list member who has access to these tomes mind looking at
> them, and
> giving me your opinion on the manufacturer of said D.VII's? 
> (ken9
> helped me with this earlier in the year, but I lost the
> related e-mails
> with the PC crash, and I didn't want to bother again.)
> TIA!
> Warren

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