[WWI] More Roden SE5a Shots on the Drome

NEIL EDDY se5a at iprimus.com.au
Fri Aug 27 07:06:24 EDT 2004

Hi All;

The basic kit does look good from what we can see. I am interested in
whether the prominent clear wing access panels are going to be decalled
again as they were for the 1/72 Se5a. It would be nice if they tried
something more ambitious in 1/48 as those decalled panels seemed barely
adequate in 1/72.

Otherwise lets hope that PART do something in a PE fret for this omission.

I am interested to see what they do with the interior also.

But apart from that minor gripe about the access panels, it looks a peach!

All the Best

Neil E

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> Pics have been posted on the Aerodrome forum( Reference Roden New
> ReleasesTechnical Difficulties) of the SE5a. This time better Sprue shots
> and 2 pics of assembled unpainted model. This one really looks like a
> winner!
> Rick G.
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