[WWI] Can we talk?

Greg Balzer gregbalzer at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 27 06:26:49 EDT 2004

Al Fickensher of Davenport, Iowa wrote..."I am a modeler of some five
decades or more,...who finds the research more satisfying than the modeling,
Hmm, if that sounds like an excuse for low output of built models, well,
that shoe does fit".

Well Al, then you've come to the the right place!

Greetings from a long lost QC modeler.  Born in Rock Island, raised in
Bettendorf, lived in Davenport.  Ran off to U of Iowa, the Marines, and
haven't been back since.  I do miss Saturday mornings at Majors Art & Hobby.
Was supposed to get back this summer but the job put the kabosh to those
plans.  A number of listees from around the QCs, and a few more from around
the state and region.

Sorry I can't help with turnbuckles...trust me, there are plenty on the list
who can and will!!  Great group of people,... if you don't mind toads, elk,
moose, Badgers, and other related topics.  If you decide to hang around you
must chose a favorite color, be it yellow or green, and then stick to your
guns regardless of the onslaught.  You remain undeclared as to scale
fetish...this is important, as you will no doubt find out.  At times, mild
hallucinogens will help, if not other forms of mind expanding chemicals from
lacquer thinner to Testors tube glue.

Just wanted to welcome you Al, and to make sure that you properly check the
box marked 1:48.


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