[WWI] Fokker D.VII of Hasso von Wedel (646-/18)

MARK MILLER mark_.m at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 26 22:02:33 EDT 2004

Hi Marek
I've been looking at this scheme as well.
Not so sure i can provide any additional data.
But, I do have something that might be of interest.


>   Dear friends,
>   I am preparing colour profile of subject plane for one Czech
> aviation magazine (REVI, may be, you know it) And I have some
> doubts about some portions of the plane. I know only one
> picture of it, which is published in WS Fokker D.VII Anthology
> part 2 on page 27 (picture J24-4). I would like to ask you, if
> someone of you have another picture of this plane, or another
> (bigger) crop of the above mentioned picture. Even some
> millimetres bigger crop would help me.
>   Thank you very much for your help, gentleman.
>   BR
>   Marek

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