[WWI] Request for Hanriot HD.1 Info

RadspadMike at netscape.net RadspadMike at netscape.net
Thu Aug 26 18:07:50 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I’m starting the Eduard 1/48 Hanriot HD.1 kit and am thinking of doing the aircraft portrayed on the cover of Windsock datafile no. 92, “Hanriot HD.1/HD.2”.  According to the DF, the aircraft was flown by Capitano Zoboli during his tenure as CO of Squadriglia 81 and remained in service after he left the unit.  

I’m looking for a photo(s) and/or info that provide the serial number and personal markings.  Often, datafiles contain photos of the aircraft depicted by the artist on the DF cover but as far as I can tell, this one doesn’t.  I suppose that if the author, Gregory Alegi, had a suitable photo Ray Rimell would have included it.  The cover painting by Danilo Renzulli shows the last two digits of a serial number.  The red stripe reflection on the topside lower port wing doesn’t seem to show any part of a personal marking, but that is inconclusive.

So far I have looked in Bob Pearson’s CD and Italian Aces of World War I by Gentilli, et al. without finding it.  I would have also checked the mini-datafile on Italian Markings but have lost my copy and have had to order another.  I’m sure I will find it when the new one arrives.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Kavanaugh

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