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Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
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   Ceramcoat make a great pre-mixed colour for Roland C.IIs (or Alb. C.IIIs,
etc...).  It's called Glacier Blue ref.#02556.  It's almost white with a
touch of blue.

nb:  Almost done the 2F.1.  Just need to do the Lewis mount.
nu:  possibly the Heller Rol. C.II though I'm partial to the camo schemes

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> "I am intrigued by the very pale grey colour of the Roland C.II: Almost
> white. Is this authentic?"
> Will,
>      To my knowledge, yes it is.  It is actually supposed to be a
> very,very pale light blue IIRC.  I would like to know what folks on the
> list use for this color myself.
> Warren

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