[WWI] Le Bourget SPAD XIII Colours

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
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As an aside, I'm interested on the colours of the uniforms of the mannequins
of the mechanic and the pilot. Is the colour of the mechanic overalls
BTW I was re-reading the excellent Spad VII book a few days ago and there is
a photo of a poor pilot dead inside his Spad and he is wearing what looks
like civilian clothes. Perhaps to avoid capture if he was downed behind the

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> hi all
> Concerning the painting of the SPAD XIII of Fonck. Finally of its
representation, because it was not the decoration of origin. The painting
and in fact very particular with reflections alu. (Greatly to amplify with
the flash of the camera).
> But it is not of origin. Distrust therefore.
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> Bonjours à tous.
> Concernant la peinture du SPAD XIII de Fonck. Enfin de sa représentation,
car ce n'était pas la décoration d'origine. La peinture et effectivement
très particulière avec des reflets alu. Mais elle n'est pas d'origine.
Méfiance donc.
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> >Hi All
> >
> >Trying to send this a second time, first one seems to have just
> >disappeared....
> >
> >I was just looking at Laurent's great photos from Le Bourget (Thanks
> >Laurent) and have a couple of questions... Firstly, is it me or the
> >or does the SPAD XIII at Le Bourget have a distinctly 'aluminium'look to
> >fuselage? (Photo 4) If so, why? I know that french five colour camo had
> >metallic content to discourage wear but I didn't think it was that
> >distinct....
> >
> >Or is it me?
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