[WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.

dave fleming dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com
Thu Aug 26 05:23:15 EDT 2004

Quoting Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>:

>> Formaplane's FE8: A good vac,Joe Chubbock masters, can't comment yet about
> accuracy, but a lot better than the very basic Airframe FE8 which was based
> on rather inaccurate drawings.

Don't get your hopes up, it doesn't compare very well with the (revised) 
Windsock Datafile drawings!

> Formaplane? R.A.F. B.E.2/12 Not a complete kit I geuess but a conversion set
> to be used with... I don't know. If someone has one of this please tell. It
> has the front fuselage, engine (yeech) wings and I guess that also tail.

Surprisingly, the Formaplane BE2c kit! The parts are (IIRC) for a BE2e/BE12

Fellow vac fan

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