[WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:43:52 EDT 2004

D Said:

also a strange, old sheet with markings for the
>cigognes, some US squadrons, a big red "dragodile" plus a lot of WW2
>markings. I don't recognize the brand, but the sheet looks quite old.
>Au revoir!

I still have a copy of that sheet myself! It was one of the First 
Aftermarket decal sheets produced. When it first came out there was nothing  
around. Gave you 2 scales, At or about 1/72nd and 1/48th. The Dragon was 
intended for Vin Hipples machine. Also had Nungessers heart, and at least 1 
AEF squadron.
Not very useful now but still cool in a nostalgic Way!
Rick G.

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