[WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Aug 25 16:24:03 EDT 2004

>      The B.E.2/B.E.12 from Formaplane is a conversion
> kit for their B.E.2c vac kit.  I happened to have an
> extra Formaplane B.E.2c kit.  I also have the instructions
> to the B.E.2/B.E.12 conversion kit as well.  Let me now if
> this tickles your intrest.

I have the Formaplane BE2c!Would you mind scanning me the instructions of
the conversion? A bit of explaining...
The gentleman to whom these kits belonged liked to have kits sparate from
the instructions and separate from the decals. He lived in a place in the
delta of the River Plate, and from time to time there are floodings.... a
big part of his library and kit collection was ruined after one of these and
that's why there are so many kits without instructions nor decals... in fact
it took a lot of detective work to sort out what kind of kit was the Hansa,
but due that the moldings looks CP ad the wings looked like the CC, I
assumed it was that!

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