[WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.

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Wed Aug 25 16:14:22 EDT 2004


     The B.E.2/B.E.12 from Formaplane is a conversion
kit for their B.E.2c vac kit.  I happened to have an 
extra Formaplane B.E.2c kit.  I also have the instructions
to the B.E.2/B.E.12 conversion kit as well.  Let me now if
this tickles your intrest.

> From: "Diego Fernetti" <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>
> Date: 2004/08/25 Wed PM 03:12:07 EDT
> To: "World War I Modeling Mailing List" <wwi at wwi-models.org>
> Subject: [WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.
> Well ere I am back to my usual battle station, in the sunny Rosario city.
> Yesterday, taking advantage of a visit of the city mayore to the president,
> I sneaked out of the protocol and visited Martin Afflitto's house, in
> downtown Buenos Aires. As always, it has been a real pleasure to get
> togheter with another listee and we spent some hours talking about our
> multiple projects. Fruits of these projects surely will delight many members
> of this list in the near future....
> In the meantime I "shopped" from Martin some vacforms that were acquired
> from an estate. These were without instructons nor decals, and some had a
> few extruded struts lenghts, but nothing else. The models were:
> Formaplane's FE8: A good vac,Joe Chubbock masters, can't comment yet about
> accuracy, but a lot better than the very basic Airframe FE8 which was based
> on rather inaccurate drawings.
> Scaleplanes? Pomilio: A very good vac, nice surface detail, complete
> interior. The engine could use a lot of detailing to make justice to this
> great kit.
> Classic Plane? Hansa-Brandenburg CC: Nice kit, the wingribs seems a bit
> overstated, but the subject is interesting and I guess that there is no
> other kit of this handsome flying boat (why all flying boats look so darned
> nice?)
> Formaplane? R.A.F. B.E.2/12 Not a complete kit I geuess but a conversion set
> to be used with... I don't know. If someone has one of this please tell. It
> has the front fuselage, engine (yeech) wings and I guess that also tail.
> Apart fromn this, Martín gave me a Superscale decal sheet with markings for
> fokker triplanes and also a strange, old sheet with markings for the
> cigognes, some US squadrons, a big red "dragodile" plus a lot of WW2
> markings. I don't recognize the brand, but the sheet looks quite old.
> Au revoir!
> D.

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