[WWI] Buenos Aires, good airs.

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Aug 25 15:12:07 EDT 2004

Well ere I am back to my usual battle station, in the sunny Rosario city.
Yesterday, taking advantage of a visit of the city mayore to the president,
I sneaked out of the protocol and visited Martin Afflitto's house, in
downtown Buenos Aires. As always, it has been a real pleasure to get
togheter with another listee and we spent some hours talking about our
multiple projects. Fruits of these projects surely will delight many members
of this list in the near future....
In the meantime I "shopped" from Martin some vacforms that were acquired
from an estate. These were without instructons nor decals, and some had a
few extruded struts lenghts, but nothing else. The models were:
Formaplane's FE8: A good vac,Joe Chubbock masters, can't comment yet about
accuracy, but a lot better than the very basic Airframe FE8 which was based
on rather inaccurate drawings.
Scaleplanes? Pomilio: A very good vac, nice surface detail, complete
interior. The engine could use a lot of detailing to make justice to this
great kit.
Classic Plane? Hansa-Brandenburg CC: Nice kit, the wingribs seems a bit
overstated, but the subject is interesting and I guess that there is no
other kit of this handsome flying boat (why all flying boats look so darned
Formaplane? R.A.F. B.E.2/12 Not a complete kit I geuess but a conversion set
to be used with... I don't know. If someone has one of this please tell. It
has the front fuselage, engine (yeech) wings and I guess that also tail.

Apart fromn this, Martín gave me a Superscale decal sheet with markings for
fokker triplanes and also a strange, old sheet with markings for the
cigognes, some US squadrons, a big red "dragodile" plus a lot of WW2
markings. I don't recognize the brand, but the sheet looks quite old.
Au revoir!

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