[WWI] Old plastic models

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Wed Aug 25 12:27:52 EDT 2004

Srjedu 25 awgusta 200418:41, dr-i.417.17 at cox.net pisaše:
> > I can see most of you are plastic modellers. However, I'm not sure
> > whether this is a plastic modellers' mailing list. Are there also card
> > modellers or R/C modellers on the list? I am asking because I got my
> > fiddler's green WWI & Between the Wars CD and I've just finished my first
> > plane and I could use a few hints (apart from my obvious faults).
> Hi Eddie, Tom Solinski here in OKC. MrT on the list.  I'm no expert but I'm
> up to my 20th or so card model, mostly Fiddelers Green,

I've built the "pirated" Morane and I've just printed out a Junkers D1.

> and I've been 
> flying and building R/C planes since '68, and teaching folks to fly r/c
> since '95.

Cool, I see you have a Simprop Fokker Dr.1. I have one myself, finding it 
underpowered, too. Right now it has a broken tailplane and I find myself 
flying my old  Fokker EIII. There is also a Sopwith Triplane (Kavan) almost 
ready to fly, but I don't like the idea of sending it up with almost 400g and 
just a geared 280.

I started R/C flying around 1980, but then I had a big break until three years 
ago. I restarted with the FMS simulator, and mostly flew a Light Stick and a 
Fokker EIII then.

Pity you didn't put any pictures of your FG models up. What other sources for 
WWI cardboard models do you have?



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