[WWI] The GWICC Chapter of IPMS/USA

Razonjim razonjim at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 25 03:16:29 EDT 2004


One does NOT need to be a member of IPMS (anywhere) to be a member of an
IPMS chapter.  Membership is recommended but not required. The officers
of a US chapter must be members of IPMS/USA and I believe that's all.
Only about three quarters of the members of IPMS-Seattle, for example,
belong to IPMS/USA.  If you wish to enter any Nationals - in any
country, however, you must be a member of some national branch of IPMS.
John Huggins appears to have taken care of the proprieties of
structuring this cyber chapter.  I am quite surprised, though, that
IPMS/USA is buying it.  A few years ago, they would not let us put on a
joint show with the Northwest Scale Modelers at the Museum of Flight
because of insurance concerns.  Maybe they're becoming more liberal in
their old age.  ?

Cheers,   Jim  IPMS/USA #2159

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