[WWI] GWICC update +

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 25 00:35:32 EDT 2004

Mark, Mike, and any other letters of the alphabet:

My understanding is that only the Chapter officers need be official 
card-carrying members of IPMS/wherever; members need not be. The idea 
was to provide a way for listees in the hinterlands to be members of an 
IPMS Chapter--thereby implying that  one must be subscribed to the list 
to qualify for membership.
IPMS can be joined as a lone individual if you care to; eventually all 
who desire to be a member of GWICC will be identified to the national 
office of IPMS
Y'all wait 'til John is on the road to recovery--he can clarify everything.

Karen (feeling wordy tonight for no good reason)

Mike Muth wrote:
> Yep, that goes for me too. Do you join IPMS and then get put in a Chapter,
> or join through the Chapter?
> Mike Muth
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>>Question, how do we join?
>>(I guess first I ought to join IPMS USA.)

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