[WWI] Roland D.VI photos

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 23:43:15 EDT 2004

Hi all

A couple of years back I had intended to build teh MAC Roland D.VI kit - a 
project which never actually got past the planning stage as they often 

One of the listees - probably one of our Polish friends - kindly sent me a 
very usefull collection of pictures of the sole surviving aircraft, the 
interiror ones being especially usefull.

Unfortunately they don't seem to have survived the move from my company 
supplied PC after I left that job, and I'm (at last) about to build a Roland 

Worst of all, I can't remember which of the guys it was so that I can 
apologise directly, I also lost my link page so I can't check their own home 
pages, there's no clue on the site links and I can't even find them  with 


Please :-)


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