[WWI] Old plastic models

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Tue Aug 24 19:53:36 EDT 2004

Eduard Werner wrote:

> Unfortunately, I found that the plastic was rapidly deteriorating during the 
> last 10 years: Propellers/struts/landing gear splinting, glue spots visible 
> that had not been visible before, parts coming apart, decals coming off...

I'm surprised as I have models which haven't been gently treated which 
are still in passable, albeit 'damaged by the movers' condition after 
thirty or more years.  If you want to recover them, the archives are 
full of ways and means to remove old paint without damaging the plastic 
(brake fluid, Easy-Off, etc.) and you can start again.  If parts need 
replacing, then the Model Scrapyard is a starting point.  Your new-found 
skills from joining this list can then be put to good use!

The list does have R/C and card-modellers albeit in the minority.  I 
built a cardboard (slightly 'ot' alert) Hindenberg and am in the midst 
of a 1937 Mercedes-Benz, so you won't be blacklisted for straying from 
styrene!  I'll let those with more expertise answer you questions in the 
R/C and cardboard fields though.

Dave Fletcher

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