[WWI] Old plastic models

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 19:54:47 EDT 2004


My view is that these things are not really going to last forever.  
Eventually they get dust on them, the plastic deteriorates along with 
whatever else you used to make them.  The solution is simply, "Keep 

As to the other thing, I believe a few folks here dabble in paper models and 
there are several R/C enthusiasts.


>From: Eduard Werner <edi.werner at gmx.de>

>Unfortunately, I found that the plastic was rapidly deteriorating during 
>last 10 years: Propellers/struts/landing gear splinting, glue spots visible
>that had not been visible before, parts coming apart, decals coming off. 
>planes were kept in cardbox boxes, wrapped individually, sunlight shut off.

>some of my best models literally falling apart). Can anything be done to
>prevent this? (It's one of the things keeping me from starting again with
>plastic models.)
>I can see most of you are plastic modellers. However, I'm not sure whether
>this is a plastic modellers' mailing list. Are there also card modellers or
>R/C modellers on the list? I am asking because I got my fiddler's green WWI 
>Between the Wars CD and I've just finished my first plane and I could use a
>few hints (apart from my obvious faults).

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