[WWI] p. baumer colors

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Tue Aug 24 18:06:25 EDT 2004

Wutoru 24 awgusta 200423:43, Rick Geisler pisaše:
> >New member to the list.
> >Was wondering if anyone could help out with
> >info on the colors and markings of Paul Baumers' Fokker DVII (F)?
> >All I can deduce right now is the Jasta Boelke markings of a white nose,
> >black/white tail. Did he use the black/white/red sash as per the Dr.1?
> >Were the sides
> >green or black? Any info or place to find the info would be a great help.

Maybe one of the DVII on www.fiddlersgreen.net is the one you are looking for?



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