[WWI] Moose Garden

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Tue Aug 24 14:22:56 EDT 2004

Will Hendriks wrote:
> Mmmmmmm... Moose Milk!
> Here is our (Canadian) recipe. (*hic*)
> http://www.ipmscanada.com/fun-moosemilk.html

IPMS/Canada is in violation of the Official Secrets Act by posting a 
recipe for Moose Milk where foreign nationals may view it.  Moose Milk 
can only be served by inviting a Canadian to the party, and he/she must 
produce the batch in secret.  My recipe serves 200 and is much more 
imaginative than the slightly censored version on-line.

To get back 'OT", was there a Martinsyde Moose?

Dave Fletcher

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