[WWI] Du Doch Nicht?

Michael Scott mds549 at pacbell.net
Tue Aug 24 01:22:12 EDT 2004

I spoke with a German-speaking friend at work and his translation is:
"It's not you!" which I find really appropriate - an enemy pilot looking down at Udet on the tail of another plane might be thankful that it wasn't him, and, who knows, might think twice about attacking. Or, on the other hand, he maybe might be goaded into an attack, which could have been what Udet had in mind all along.
Ah, speculation, aint' it great?

Bill Weckel <bweckel at procarautogroup.com> wrote:
I'm sitting here looking at my desktop wallpaper (Mark Miller's 
incredible rendering of Udet's DVII about to put the kaibosh on a SPAD) 
and wondering what "Du Doch Nicht?" means. After two years of 
highschool German, I only know enough to get my face slapped and order 
a bier... so I plugged it into my computer's language translator and 
got the following return: "you nevertheless not?" Something tells me 
this isn't a very accurate translation. Would anyone enlighten me? 
And since I'm on the subject, what did the LO! signify?



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