[WWI] Re: C. R. Samson's 2F.1 Camel

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 23 17:17:43 EDT 2004

> Brad & Merville wrote:
> Will wrote: "I recall reading that it was "similar to the Pup's".
> Ah!  Great minds think alike!  I'm currently using the Pup skid
> arrangement from the March/April 1918 landing trials on HMS Furious.
> Lots of excellent close-ups are available in the Air Britain Pup File.

See previous posts. :-)
> Will also wrote: "Next thing you know, you might be building modern
> aircraft carriers..."   Shudder!!!

Or worse, those floating steel contraptions named after obscure Canadian
prairie towns! ;-)
> Now there's a cook-up idea!  1/48 scale HMS Furious!  We could each
> contribute a Pup, 11/2 Strutter, Camel or Beardmore...and Bob can
> build the boat!!!

Hey, great idea. I'm one step ahead, already! (Did the Camel).


Also Dunning's Pup N6454 in late stages of completion (Flashback kit).

> Can't be much more difficult than that bloody great
> DWC he whipped up!  : )

Indeed, probably end up being smaller than the DWC, to boot! :-)

Will, "Furious" fan.

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