[WWI] Re: C.R. Samson's Lighter 2F.1 Camel

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 23 14:46:57 EDT 2004

Hi Brad:

Further to the Samson 2F.1 discussion. I located a photo of it in 'Aces
and Aircraft of WWI', Campbell, p.32. The photo shows the Camel sitting
on the lighter in Harwich. While the photo is somewhat small and a
little grainy, it appears that the Lewis is on a standard Admiralty Top
Plane Mounting. The skid arrangement does look very similar to the Pup
arrangement. In fact, the text states: "Typically Samson conducted the
first (lighter-launching) experiments himself but he insisted that his
Camel should be equipped with Pup 9901a-type skids rather than wheels"
(Campbell, p.33).

Sorry I can't be more specific. Maybe someone with a Windsock index
might be able to help? Maybe there is reference there.



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