[WWI] Du Doch Nicht?

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 23 16:05:34 EDT 2004

Sean Brian Kirby wrote:
> One thing that I did not see anyone mention was the
> irony of "Du, doch nicht!!" This particular fighter
> only lasted him a couple days. ;)

LOL! Was that the occaision when he took to his parachute?

I also understand he was quite the character in other ways. Between the
wars, during a visit by Jimmy Doolittle to Germany (Doolittle worked for
Shell at the time), Udet invited Jimmy over to his apartment in Berlin
to meet his mistress and test some Champagne that members of a French
mission had given him. After a few bevvies, Udet suggested they should
have some pistol practice - in the apartment! Udet had a special steel
box filled with sand just for that purpose. This went on the fireplace
mantel. At first the duo practiced with a powerfull pellet pistol, but
as the pair become further lubricated, Udet pulled out a large .455
calibre pistol. Jimmy fired first, shooting low and scattering a large
pile of documents all over the room. "Here, let me show you," Udet said.
But Udet aimed too high and blasted a hole through the plaster wall into
the next apartment. This was an example of the sort of hilarious antics
Udet was well known for. (ref. "I Could Never Be So Lucky Again", the
autobiography of Jimmy Doolittle).


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