[WWI] Re: C.R. Samson's Lighter 2F.1 Camel

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 23 12:27:57 EDT 2004

Hi Will

In the photo it appears as if the drum is standing on end on the left side of the gun.  I thought it might be something in the background only there appears to be nothing but open water behind it.  It might be something else attached to the wing for the trials, for communication maybe?
I'd love to get Barry's lighter but it would have to be extensively modified as the original one Samson used did not have a deck as such but rather a pair of fairly narrow troughs for the skids to travel along, the most likely cause for his accident.  Subsequent successful trials were undertaken with a full deck lighter and wheeled gear on the 2F.1s.  Also, I don't want to build anything that might allow Bob to accuse me of being a 'boatbuilder'.  ; )

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