[WWI] I'm published!

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 23 12:10:25 EDT 2004


  That's a very talented computer you have!  ; )  I picked up a copy last
week and was bowled over by the beautiful artwork.  I had no idea this book
was even on the horizon (in spite of being on Schiffer's mailing list!)
What a pleasant surprise!  It's a fantastic book overall and sure hope you
(and Mike Westrop) can give the same treatment to the other naval squadrons.
  I too would love to be able to purchase posters of your work (and Jay's
for that matter) to put up in my son's room (not that I'm trying to
influence his interests or anything).
; p

(still waiting for my OTF with the 148th Camels cover to arrive.)

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> Just got my copy of
> "A History of No.10 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Surface"
> by Mike Westrop
> and illustrated by me :-D
> cover art and about 30 profiles
> I'm extremly pleased with the color reproduction.
> Schiffers does a nice job.
> http://www.schifferbooks.com/newschiffer/book_template.php?isbn=0764320556
> a first for me
> Mark

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