[WWI] C.R. Samson's Lighter 2F.1 Camel

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 23 12:07:14 EDT 2004

Hello Brad:

I seem to recall that some of the early 2F.1's had Lewis guns mounted on
the top wing upside-down. Is this perhaps what you see?

Are you going to build the Roseplane 1/72 Lighter to mount your "Ship's
Camel" on?


> Brad & Merville wrote:
>    I have truly been bitten by the modelling bug and am now working on
> a conversion of a Revell 1/72 Camel to Samson's 2F.1.  I am using a
> series of photos taken on the occasion of the first lighter trails
> during which Samson nearly lost his life when his Camel was run over
> by the lighter.  These photos were all taken at quite a distance and
> only give a poor indication as to the arrangement of the skis.  Also,
> in one of the photos the upper gun appears to be fed by a vertical
> ammunition drum ala the Colt.  (The gun in the photo is definitly in
> the horizontal position so I'm not seeing the Lewis drum tilted
> upward)  In the other photos there is no ammo drum fitted.
>    Does anyone know of a source for GAs or close-up photos for the ski
> equipped 2F.1?  I have the Air Britain Naval Shipboard Developments
> book and the 2F.1 Datafile.
>    Does anyone know if any naval Camels were equipped with vertical
> feed ammo drums?
> Brad

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