[WWI] Sprue Shot of SE5A on The Aerodrome

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 23 07:43:08 EDT 2004


>What are you getting at?

Nothing aside from the fact that your comments made me look at the spues 
again and I was thinking (and mildly amused) about the probable bagging 
Roden will take whatever way they package the kit.

>Quite frankly as I have a perfectly adequate 1/48
>Blue Max Se5a, I probably won't be buying the Roden version unless it has a
>decal option or two that interest me; ie Dallas' camo or a post war scheme

LOL - Now there's a mental picture. Neil Eddy waiting with anticipation for 
Roden decals.

>As for the Se5, I never understood why a production run doing an Se5 kit 
>not possible from their 1/72 Se5a variant. Afterall, if it is possible to
>cover all 57 varieties of Albatrii or Fokker D-VII, why not an Se5?

And of course this is exacty the sort of thing I was on about. They kitted 
the two principle variants and included the wherewithal to model a postwar 
variant of limited inteest as well.  This of a subject that market 
experience says will not sell anywhere near so well as the German fighters.

No kits for the bulged cockpits which were field modified and varied from 
aircraft to aircraft. The question is, if they are to cut moulds for a 
variant consisting of *one* aircraft, which one will get more plaudits than 
brickbats.  In their position I'd assume that modellers who even recognised 
that there was a difference in some of the planes would be well capable of a 
trivial conversion and could then have a model to match their own favourite.

OTOH it's a pity they didn't include an Se5.



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