[WWI] Sprue Shot of SE5A on The Aerodrome

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 23 03:20:53 EDT 2004


>Did they do this conversion for the 1/72 version? If  not, I suspect they
>won't be doing it in 1/48 either. Just like they didn't do the Se5 either
>(and probably won't in 1/48 too). Interesting to see though what markings
>they present us with for this one...

Maybe not, but they do have three different versions on the 1/72 sprue. I 
wouldn't discount the possibility that they'll do the same on the 1/48 kit 
and the sprue shots shown are just early test shots with some parts removed 
for whatever reason.

Incidentally, this really amuses me. A kit manufacturer simply cannot win. 
If he sells a kit with parts for multiple versions and decals for just one 
of them, then reissues it with decals changed in a new boxing for a second 
(or later) version he gets pilloried for "decal engineering"

Same multiple versions and one decal option per version in the kit the 
manufacturer is guilty of offering only "one boring scheme"

If he produces a model with no alternative parts when it's reasonably easy 
he gets hammered for wastefull kit design.

Who'd be a manufacturer?


(PS - this includes cottage/garage manufacturer too!)
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