[WWI] New Roden Releases and QMHE

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 22:57:26 EDT 2004

Sean says:

> > (Exhausted after day 1 of QMHE - no prizes for me,
> > but more OT models in the
> > contest than at any of the previous 8 shows!)
>Did the OT models do the ol' OT models thing - taking
>a slew of the trophies on hand? :)

Well no, especially not mine.

You have to understand that in Australia we *never* have a separate section 
for rigged aircraft. I approve, because I won't as a rule enter contests 
where I get a prize by default - because there's few or no other entries. 
That means that the OT entries compete against the entire gamut of subjects, 
with sections rarely ever containing less than 20 entries. Our judging 
system seems able to cope quite well.

So....this year, I saw the following models amongst the 400+ entries...

1/48 Modified - just one OT entry, my Roden D.VII which was unplaced and I 
might add deservedly so. However, as per normal I sought out one of the 
judges to get a few pointers on which of the many faults crueled my chances. 
He told me (amongst other issues) that he thought my paint had a blotchy 
appearance, and since yellow is a hard colour to get coverage I should have 
used an undercoat....

In 1/48 Out of Box (this is an entirely separate section in our contests, 
not an award to an OOB model in the general section)  there were four OT 
entries, an Eduard Roland C.II, Flashback Taube and a Morane Saulnier L were 
unplaced, but an Aeroclub FE-2b built by my friend Paul Pearson won the 
silver medal. Paul had never built an OT model when I met him at QMHE03...

In 1/72 Out of Box were an ICM Ilya Muromets, a Roden Albatros D.V (or D.Va, 
I don't recall) and my Felixtowe which won a bronze medal - thereby saving 
me from the shame of failing to get a medal at all this year ;-)

In 1/72 modified there was a nice RE-8, a Roden Fokker Dr-1, an Airfix Pup, 
all unplaced. For the first time in 8 years I never entered this section.

In small scale armour OOB there were two OT entries, a Mk.IV or whatever the 
hell that lozenge shaped tank is called which won a gold, and a Renault 
something which was unplaced.

And finally, one of the diorama sections was won by a dio which featured a 
1/72 Fokker E.V / D-VIII under maintenance in the field, complete with a  
vehicle, tool stands and so on. Quite nice but on a purely personal basis I 
felt it was rather static and  couldn't see how it beat the more traditional 
military dioramas in that section

OUTSIDE the contest I suppose there were another 30+ OT subjects on teh 
various club displays, lots and lots of OT kits for sale and ditto OT books. 
I *finally* got hold of the JaPo Oeffag and Berg books, and the Albatros 
D.III special

Best of all, I swapped an unwanted jet kit (won in a raffle) for a very 
dusty but otherwise undamaged Blue Max Junkers J.9, a kit I've wanted but 
never previously seen

All up, not a bad show. I have photos of some of the entries and I'll submit 
them to the list site once I have time to check and see if any are in focus 

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