[WWI] Future Osprey Aces titles

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 21 00:52:49 EDT 2004

Shane Wrote:

>This cribbed from Hyperstale where a comment was made that they must be 
>running out of possible future titles
>>Please rest assured that I have not run out of Aces to cover just yet. 
>>Future volumes include >Beaufighter Aces, Mosquito Aces, Pup Aces, SE 5a 
>>Aces, two Spanish Civil War volumes, Balloon->Busting Aces, Pfalz & 
>>Halberstadt Aces, Bristol Fighter Aces, Fokker Eindecker Aces, Yak Aces, 
>> >Defence of the Reich Aces, a second Bf 109 Eastern Front Aces volume, 
>>4th FIG Aces in Korea, >MiG-15 Aces in Korea, Israeli F-15/F-16 Aces, 
>>Malta Spitfire and Hurricane Aces and Fleet Air Arm >Aces
>>As I am sure you will agree, all of these are worthy of inclusion in the 
>>Aces list, and will not feature >any rehashed material (text, photos or 
>>profiles) from previous titles in this series.
>>In haste,
>>Tony Holmes
>>Aviation Editor
>I don't know about the worthiness of the ot subjects, but the six OT ones 
>will be welcome if only they  inspire more non-WW1 modellers to partake.

I agree! Looking forward to the Se5 Title in Particular!
Rick G.
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