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Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Aug 20 21:30:53 EDT 2004


Swedish aircraft are well documented - at least if you understand Swedish...

I consulted the brilliant book "Kronmarkt" which details colours and markings
on Swedish military aircraft from the beginning and to the current aircraft.
Floatplanes originally delivered in natural colours (wood/fabric/metal),
from 1922 gray and black fuselage with flying surfaces still in linen.
Replaced by gray all over scheme from 1925.

The first Swedish Hansa type aircraft were assembled by TDS and Svenska Aero 
from parts produced by Caspar Werke in Germany. (Caspar S.1 / Heinkel HE 1).
Later production of HE 2, HE 4 and HE 5 which had evolved quite a bit from
the Hansa W,29 and 33 of WW1 by Svenska Aero and CVF.
Source: Lennart Anderssons "Svenska Flygplan"

Knut Erik

I might be able to go to England and visit Shuttleworth and Duxford in the
weekend 4-5 September - two airshows in one go!

>Hi, The Swedish Navy used Hansa floatplanes after WW1,
>these were (I think) built by Hansa-Brandenburg (or Heinkel?).
>Anyway I got a question about interior colour for these ot Hansa's,
>any ideas? What colour was a W29 inside? Would that be a reasonable assumption?
>/Neil C. 

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