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Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Thu Aug 19 19:29:03 EDT 2004


I had problems with Compact Flash media once after safety control for flying, 
got the images back after running diskcheck and defrag like on any other disk. 
There are a number of recovery programs available that can help you if the
is only slightly scrambled.

Doing a fair amount of photography and travelling, I try to avoid sending film 
and digital media in lugage that goes into the cargo hold as the suitcases 
are likely to be subject to more radiation.  
I have never had any problems with ordinary film, but I try to make sure 
that film travel as few times as possbile by making a mark on film rolls
every time 
they go through a safety control to limit the accumulated radiation.

Knut Erik

>I've used many digital cameras and my phone and PDA have memory cards. I
travel a bit for IBM and I've never had any problems with cards or memory
being erased in an airport. There is always a first time, though. Digital
cameras are the way to go for all the obvious reasons. You can back-stop by
doing things like emailing the pictures to yourself before you travel, or
having them also burned on a CD by a friend or at a place like Kinkos or
perhaps WalMart. 
>For me, the advantages of not having to muck about with film and developing
costs and to see what I just shot and the ability to take literally hundreds
of pictures means digital is the best solution.
>Crawford Neil <Neil.Crawford at volvo.com> wrote:
>What a shame, sorry to hear that Tom. Is this a common problem? 
>We're debating about going over to digital camera, either a
>Canon digital system camera, or maybe a small one which would
>be more portable. But hearing this makes one wonder if it's a
>good idea? Another question to those who carried models,
>was there any problems with security, or otherwise?
>/Neil C.
>>Thanks! The 80 plus OT photos I took at the Nats, for Windsock, all were
lost when my digital camera card got "erased" by >>some security gizmo at
Phoenix airport. I may end up using some of your shots for the Windsock
article. Credit will be

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