[WWI] Re: Hembrug heavy mg based on Schwarzlose M1908/15

Dickinson ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Thu Aug 19 16:54:52 EDT 2004

"The various models of the M1911 were the standard sidearm of the US
Army until replaced by the 9mm Beretta in 1984."

Well, reserve component forces for the US Army were still using
M1911A1's as late as the mid 90's.  the one I was issued in my armor
unit had an original Colt M1911 slide, still in the blue no less!
Sloppy as all get out.  When qualifying on the range, I took the slide
off of mine at home to put on my issue arm.  Tightened the groups up,
but it still shot way off.

 "I have heard rumors that the .45 is making a possible comeback, as
durability problems have been experienced with the 9mm. I have
also heard that some of the 'special operations' units STILL use the

Yes, it is, and yes they do.  (IIRC when the Beretta was accepted they
knew then that terminal/fatal failure of the slide would occur in 1500
rounds or less.  Having the slide blown into your face is not very
pleasant I would imagine.) Is it any wonder that over 90% of combat
pistol competition championships for the last 50+ years have been won by
individuals shooting an M1911 or one of its variants?  :) 


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