[WWI] Site Update

NEIL EDDY se5a at iprimus.com.au
Thu Aug 19 12:13:48 EDT 2004

Hi All;

As Ross seems to be having trouble posting to The List at the moment (His
Cafe Latte froth is probably clogging the keys of his computer again), I am
posting the following message for him, about some schmuck modeller's new
models posted to his fabulous model site....

"Subject: Update to my site...., new stuff from Neil Eddy..

Neil Eddy has sent in some images of his one of his latest builds, an Airfix
72nd Avro Anson & Smer 1/50 Fiat CR.32. He has also sent in some new photos
of his Sopwith Pup. You can see it all via




There, that's it then, please return to normal programming...

All the Best

Neil  ;-)

NL: George Michael - "Flawless"....

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